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Need a Change? Instant Makeovers for your Home!

crop_sm_People_thinking_1With Spring in the air, many of you are thinking about improvements to your home.  Whether you’re getting ready to sell or planning to live in your home for a long time, you probably want to make some updates that don’t cost you an arm and leg!  Not every home makeover has to be a major project that lasts days, weeks, or even months. There are a ton of quick touch-ups and fixes that can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home, even though you can finish the project in less than an hour.

A new mailbox: Chances are you’re still using the same mailbox that came with your home. But giving your mailbox a fresh coat of paint—or even replacing it entirely—is pretty painless, and it instantly upgrades your home’s curb appeal.

Declutter: Less is usually more. Go through your home and consider all the stuff that you haven’t used in years. If it’s no longer serving a purpose, sell it, donate it, or throw it away.

New hardware for your cabinets: This is one of my fav updates!  It’s an amazing way to update the look of your cabinets.   Painting kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be a big undertaking—drop cloths, tape, washing brushes and rollers, etc.  But you can change out your cabinet hardware in just a few minutes—all you have to do is pick out the new ones. Be sure and research trends and looks on Pinterest or Houzz to get ideas.  I love the look of a couple of “special” drawer or cabinet pools mixed in with the rest….like jewelry for your cabinets.  cabinet pulls stone Let me know if I can help… I love helping people update their homes! For more help in getting your home ready to sell, click here. Happy Spring!!